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The primary functions that you will use in your RealTest workflow are the following script run commands:

Check and Apply (F4)

Run Test (F5)

Run Optimization (F6)

Run Import (F7)

Run Scan (F8)

Run Orders (Ctrl+F5)

Stop (Ctrl+Break)

These commands can be accessed in multiple ways:

From the Tool Bar:

From the Run Menu

By using function keys as shown above

RealTest automatically enables or disables each specific command in the Run Menu and on the Tool Bar depending on the contents of the active script.

For example, if the script does not contain an "Import" section, the Import button will be disabled.


The run commands for the active script remain accessible even when a non-script window (results, graph, chart, etc.) is in the foreground.

A running script can be stopped at any time, such as when you realize you ran the wrong import, don’t like the test results so far, etc. by clicking the stop button or pressing Ctrl+Break.

After a test is run, the Tool Bar buttons that invoke Results Analysis features are enabled.





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